In order that you may take great care of your skin, there are things you have to do and others to refrain from. In this article, we are going to look into these things. Also, we shall provide appropriate explanations to them with the aim of stating how they might be of help to you.


The Do’s

1: Apply sunscreen daily

We can never over-emphasize the importance of sunscreen to the health of the skin of the body. You should hence take it upon yourself to apply it daily.

2: Load up on the antioxidants

The skin, being the largest of the body, is prone to all forms of poisoning and intoxication. You hence have to make it a point of applying antioxidants as a way of combating this menace.

3: Remove makeup before getting to bed

Always remove makeup prior to getting to bed. Use glycerin or makeup remover to do this job. The purpose of eliminating makeup is to give your skin some breathing space.

The Don’ts

1: Neglect your neck and décolletage

There is usually the tendency to neglect the neck and the décolletage when applying lotions and other skincare products to your skin. Never attempt this in your skincare regimes.

2: Over-exfoliate

Whereas it is great for you to exfoliate, you are highly advised not to do this. Overdoing it may only serve to imperil the health and the stature of the skin altogether.

3: Sleep less

Of course, you have to sleep well and for a longer length of time. When you sleep, your skin gets rejuvenated, more agile, and tighter for longer.


We bring to closure our lists of do’s and don’ts. It is definitely our firm conviction that the deep insights we have generously furnished you here are sufficient for you to do a great job, overall. How about you soldiering on now and implementing the same?