Most people take their skincare routines for granted. This inevitably leads to several complications on the skin and ultimately, premature aging. It is definitely not in your interest to have faulty skin, is it? We want to help you out of this.


To do this, we identify and discuss the steps you may need to take to care of your skin well here below:

Step I: Bathe or wash your face

Start by either bathing or washing your face. For great care and longevity of your skin, we advise that you insist on cold water not unless it is hot and wintry outside. Along the way, use special cleansers and other skincare products that are less likely to imperil the health of your skin.

Step II: Exfoliate the skin (optional)

Though not a must, we strongly urge you to exfoliate your skin accordingly. This entails the use of special facial scrubs to eliminate dead matter, stuck oil in the pores, and other substances that may interfere with the glow and proper health of the skin. Rinse your skin or face to get rid of all detergents.

Step III: Dry the body or face with a towel

Now dry your skin or face using a special clean towel for the job. Drying eliminates all moisture and detergents to ready the skin for the subsequent task of applying cosmetics. While drying your face, be slow and gentle to prevent harming the skin in whichever shape or form.

Step IV: Apply foundation and body lotion

At this stage, you should now apply foundation on the face and the body lotion on the rest of the body. The role of the foundation is to prep your face for the subsequent task of applying the cosmetics. Pay special attention to the unique needs and states of the skin as you do this.

If you have pimples, scars, and impetigo, this is the time to find and apply the skincare products that are designed and intended for mitigating them. Work your eyes at this stage as well to uphold and guarantee the proper health of the same altogether. (

Step V: Moisturize the skin

After applying the basic body lotions in the step above, you now have to moisturize the skin. (hudpleie) This simply entails finding a moisturizer and overlaying the same on the lotions above. The moisturizer increases the levels of moisture on the skin and prevents it from possibly drying early or wrinkling prematurely.

Step VI: Apply sunscreen (optional)

Round it all up by applying sunscreen. This step is optional in the sense that you may never need to do it at all times. (ansiktsmaske) It is only limited to the summer months and in areas where there is abundant sunshine like the tropical regions. Needless to say, you have to find a sunscreen that closely mirrors your skin state.


There you have them! The steps we have identified and discussed above are truly eye-opening, are they not? You now have to go ahead and take the necessary challenge of implementing them in your skincare routines. As always, we wish you all the best in your subsequent endeavors.